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Fairmount Campground

Fairmount Campground- Youth Summer Camps

The Mission of Fairmount Camp is to provide a place to escape the pressures and distractions of daily life by cultivating an environment that will strengthen the family and all of those around us with life-changing experiences.

We do this because we believe our PURPOSE is to share the hope we have through Jesus Christ, by growing closer to God and each other in programs, events, and rest that grow the body, mind, and spirit.


–Needs help with youth summer camps

Region: Fairmount/Fowlerton
Issue: Children/Youth

Client Escort

Veterans coming in to the hospital often need assistance to get to their appointments. We are developing an Escort program at the Marion VA to assist Veterans in finding their way, assist with wheelchairs and to receive a warm welcome to the facility.

Opportunity Type(s): Individual
Day(s): Friday, Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Time: Afternoon, Mid-Day, Morning
Region: Marion
Issue: Healthcare, Veterans
Brain Kitchen

Kid Mentors to: Cook, Tutor, or Facilitate Movement Exercises

The Brain Kitchen is a non-profit after school program combining homework help, movement exercises (think midline crossing exercises), and cooking class for 3-5th graders at Allen Elementary School. We need volunteers to help in these three areas. We meet Thursday and Friday from 2:15-5:30 pm.

Opportunity Type(s): Group, Individual
Day(s): Friday, Thursday
Time: Afternoon
Region: Marion
Issue: Children/Youth, Education, Hunger, Poverty