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churches-bgA healthy church is defined by spiritual growth amongst it’s members. Even so, a healthy church must be one in which, at it’s core, is equally concerned about the community that surrounds the church.

Serve Grant County desires to provide an easy way for churches to plug into their community, by connecting churches to numerous organizations to foster restoration throughout the streets of Grant County (Isaiah 58:6-12).

Within churches there is a diverse range of skills, interests and availability amongst church members. This provides challenges when it comes to mobilizing the church to serve the community. Providing opportunities that allow individuals to tap into their passion is key for continual service. Serve Grant County seeks to partner with churches to to provide individuals the chance to discover meaningful serving opportunities in our community.

By partnering with Serve Grant County, churches are also partnering with many of the other churches, organizations and non-profits in our area. Through this unique relationship, restoring our community becomes a lot easier.

There are other benefits as well. Serve Grant County provides churches the resources and training needed to help their members find serving opportunities that will help them better engage issues that effect our community. Also, through the website, when an individual finds an opportunity, that information can easily be shared with partnering churches. Partnering churches will no longer have to worry about tracking data, wondering if and how many of their church members are engaged in serving. Instead churches can focus their efforts on shepherding their people and equipping them to build up the body of Christ.

Interested in partnering with Serve Grant County?