A Deeper Connection

The tagline for Serve Grant County is Connect. Serve. Restore.

Connect…one small word that has so much meaning in our daily lives.

On a mundane basis it can be ten emails a week notifying you that someone wants to “connect” with you on LinkedIN.  Or that endlessly irritating message you get when trying to start-up Netflix: “Connection lost”.  A happier occasion might be an old friend that messages you on Facebook wanting to re-connect.  Any way you look at it our lives are filled with the need to unite with the services and people around us.  When we end up disconnected, life seems harder no matter how much effort we use to fix a situation.

The goal of Serve Grant County is to simplify connections.  When you search through opportunities on the website we even have a big, blue button that asks you to “CONNECT” to the listed organization.  Our hope is that you not only connect to the organization, but also to those the organization serves and fellow volunteers.  The deeper your connection, the more significant your link to others becomes, and suddenly you could find yourself with a wealth of friends and neighbors working together to build a stronger community.

The true joy of connection is that it can be created through something as effortless as a smile.  However, if you’d like to take a further step go ahead and click that blue button on one of the volunteer opportunities.  It could be the start of so many new connections that will enhance your life and others lives.

If you are an organization that wants to connect with Serve Grant County, you can find our partnership agreement at http://servegrantcounty.org/organizations /.   We’d love to have you connect!